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Business woman, entrepreneur, and all around hustler.

Dr. Vivian Cheung is a certified Professional Resume Writer with the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. As a second-generation Chinese-American, Vivian has substantial cultural exposure, having lived in different parts of the U.S. such as Boston, Los Angeles, New York and even internationally in Hong Kong. Growing up, she faced internal and external challenges with social identity, social economic statuses, cultural gaps and others. Determined to break out of her situation, she fearlessly took on multiple goals at a time, charging forward. She is now the Associate Director of Finance and Operations at the Ivy League, Columbia University. She holds a PhD degree in Business Psychology with a dissertation focused on the glass-ceiling factors for Chinese entrepreneurs in the United States

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​Vivian’s vision is to bring cultural awareness beyond the Asian community. In addition to research and literature work, Vivian is working on a fiction novel, Asian Duckling, to bring light to cultural awareness and the multifaceted difficulties that Asian women face.

“Aim to live larger than yourself and larger than life.”

With all that goes on, Vivian maintains an active voice for the Asian community. During her time in Los Angeles, Vivian served as a senior board leader for an Asian driven community organization known as Asian Professional Exchange. However, she has since moved to New York and is now on the steering committee to open a new Asian community organization chapter in New York. Aside from her day job and community work, Vivian owns and has been managing rental properties for the past decade and is currently working on a B2B startup known as A La Carte for business owners in the food and beverage industry. A La Carte is a cloud based, one-stop shop enterprise restaurant management application that is suitable

What is she up to now?

After completing her doctorate’s degree, Vivian was determined to start her next big project. Risking it all, she handed in her resignation letter at work, notice to vacate at home, packed up and drove across the country on a leap of faith. One week later, she landed in the city that never sleeps to start the next chapter in her life. Within two months, she settled in, rebuilt her network and secured a position as the Associate Director at the Ivy League, Columbia University.

When she’s not focusing her career or expanding her investments, she’s thinking of ways to help rising graduates and mid-level career professionals reach their optimal potential.


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