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What Does Your Career Journey Look Like?

You may wonder why you need a professional resume writer or a career mentor. After all, if you have the right qualifications and the right skills for the position of your dreams, you don’t need help? Or do you? We believe at VE Career Planning that you do. 

A professional resume writer does more than help you to tell the story of your career. They also are experts at laying out the right information in the right way so that it will get through the electronic filters used by agencies and employment software. 

They know the parts of your story that need to be highlighted and those that need to be creatively disregarded. A resume is not an aimless list of your duties, but rather a marketing tool. 

At VE Career Planning, we offer an edge over other professional resume services in that when we help to develop the marketing tool for your career that is your resume, we bring out the points that most people overlook. 

Career Strategy

Although you may feel set for life and with a clear view of how to progress your career, you need a career mentor. They have experience and valuable advice that they can share from their own experience progressing in a career in your chosen field. They also have access to an extensive network of connections in that field. 

Ultimately, they can provide you with a sounding board to bounce ideas off and help you figure out which direction you should take to further your career in the way you desire.


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